Features Of Our School

Sujatha High School offers S.S.C syllabus to our students. For the past five decades, we have provided reputed education for this state approved syllabus. 


We have highly experienced teachers that address the academic needs of every student. To assure quality education, the number of students in each classroom is kept small. Hence a low teacher to student ratio.


We provide remedial classes for the 10th standard students to ensure proper retention of the syllabus taught by our teachers.


We have introduced the XSEED program from Nursery to 2nd The XSEED program is a comprehensive program designed to teach young students the foundations of learning. To learn more about the XSEED program, click here.


We have a well-equipped computer lab, to introduce our students to an essential field of science. At Sujatha School, we believe that an effective computer training program is necessary to prepare our students for the real world.


We introduce our exceptional students to scholarships like the V.V.S Laxman Foundation. These scholarships are an incentive for our students to study harder.


We have an N.C.C (National Cadet Corp) training program for our students that builds character and leadership skills.


We sponsor social and cultural events, like the Annual Day, Children’s Day and Teacher’s day, to show our appreciation to the faculty that teaches our students. We encourage our students to participate in the Fine Arts and Drama Club. 


We have 12 buses in our transportation department. Our experienced drivers will transport our students and faculty from various parts of the inner city to our school. For more information about school transportation.


We have a library and an allotted library period to encourage students to read books and newspaper.