General Information



    1. Granting of leave is only by a previously written application from the parents or guardian. Failure to comply with this requirement will be condoned only in the case of an emergency.

After leave, when the student returns to the school, the page “Leave record” in the handbook must be filled in.

  1. A student whose unauthorized absence is more than 10% of the school working days may not be
    allowed to sit for the examination.
  2. A student who is absent for a month, without prior permission from the Principal will have his/her name struck off from the rolls. They may be re-admitted on paying the admission fees.
  3. After any vacation, every student should be present on the reopening day of the School.


  1. The pupils` progress is assessed by means of Unit Tests and Terminal Examination at the end of which progress report is issued. (to keep the parents informed about the progress of their child).
  2. Parents are expected to go through the report card, sign it and return it to the school.
  3. Students whose dues are not cleared completely will not be allowed to write the examinations.
  4. There will be no re-exam for the absentees.
  5. To secure promotion one must obtain the pass marks in all subjects and must have regularity in attendance. The marks of the unit tests and terminal examinations will be considered for promotion along with the annual examination marks.
  6. The decision taken by the school authority regarding promotion is final and shall not be reconsidered.


  1. Transfer certificate will be issued when all the dues are cleared and on receipt of a written application form the parent/guardian only.
  2. If the parent wants to withdraw his/her child, a month’s written notice should be given to the Principal or a months’ fee has to be paid in lieu of the above.
  3. The management reserves the right to compel the parents to withdraw their child if his/her progress is irregular or his/her conduct is harmful to other students.


  1. Irregular attendance, habitual disobedience and conduct, injurious to the moral tone of the school Justifies dismissal at any time of the year
  2. Malpractice in examinations is a great offense and shall lead to detention and even dismissal.
  3. Any misbehavior of a suspension or dismissal even though it tool place outside the school premises.
  4. Students and Parents are required to conduct themselves in a proper manner and treat all teaching and non-teaching staff with respect at all times. Inappropriate behavior by the pupil or the parent could result in dismissal. 


  1. Students are required to be on the school premises before 8:05 a.m. as the gate will be closed after
  2. All students are expected to come to school in neat, clean and complete uniform.
  3. All students are required to speak only in English within the School premises. Students found not abiding by this rule will be fined.
  4. It is the duty of every pupil to keep his/her classroom and the school premises absolutely clean, Scribbling on the wall, desks and damaging school property will be dealt severely.
  5. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings. The school is not Responsible for the goods lost.
  6. All students are expected to take part in all co-curricular activities of the school, as these are part of the school curriculum.
  7. Students will be allowed to leave the school premises during working hours with the permission of The Principal only.


  1. Parent should take care of the personal hygiene of their child.
  2. Parents are not permitted to meet the students or teachers during working hours, without the permission of the principal. Parents should contact the Principal regarding any complaint and not the teachers  directly.
  3. If the child is not making desired progress, the Principal should be contacted early in the academic  year seeking out ways for the child’s improvement.
  4. Criticizing any of the teachers or the school in the presence of the child should be avoided as this would discourage the child from learning.
  5. Parents are responsible to ensure that their child completes the home-work given to him/her and and learns lessons taught in the class.
  6. Parents should not indulge in any kind of group meetings and create nuisance of any kind in and around the school premises.Non-obervance of the above rules will be regarded as a as serious breach of discipline and the child’s name will be removed from the rolls.
  7. Through every care is taken ensure the safety and welfare of the students, accidents are possible. The school will not be responsible for such accidents, small or serious, during the school hours.
  8. Parents are requested to inform the Principle of any change of address or telephone number.


Violation of any of the school regulations could result in the dismissal of the pupil concerned. If such a disciplinary action has to be taken, it will be useless on the part of the student or parent to plead ignorance of the rules as EVERY STUDENT OR PARENT IS EXPECTED TO ACQUAINT HIMSELF/HERSELF WITH THE REGULATIONS OF THE SCHOOL AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION.

Age Criteria:

Particulars of age for admission are as follows:

Nursery L.K.G. U.K.G. I Class
2 ½ years Three Plus Four Plus Five Plus

  The age is reckoned as on 31st August of the year.

For Registration:

A Xerox  copy of the Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation or M.R.O.

For Interview:

Previous school Progress Report.

For Admission:

Admission from class I to IV,  Record Sheet or Birth Certificate. Admission for Class VI to X, original T.C.

In case of Interstate Transfer, Student must produce the T.C. Duly counter signed by the Inspecting Officer in respect of state syllabus schools.

The original certificate in support of date of birth shall however be submitted to the school at the time of admission, which will be verified and returned.

School Uniform: 

The students should come to school wearing neatly washed and ironed uniform. Their socks should be clean and shoes properly polished.

Boys Girls
Shirt (with Flaps) – White Blouse (with Flaps) – White
Shorts (Classes II to IV) – Blue Pinafore – Blue
Trousers (V onwards) – Blue
Socks – Black Socks – Black
Shoes – Black Leather Shoes – Black Leather
Sweater – Navy Blue
(Available at school)
Tie and Belt
(Available at School)
Sweater – Navy Blue
(Available at school)
Tie and Belt
(Available at School)
(Classes I to IV) White Shorts
(Classes V to X) White Trouser
Respective House T – Shirt with White Canvas Shoe
Classes: I onwards White Skirt, Respective House T – Shirt with White Canvas Shoe



School Timings:

Pre-Primary & Nursery Monday to Saturday
08:05 am to 12:00 noon
L.K.G. & U.K.G. Monday to Friday
08:05 am to 02:05 pm
Classes: I to V Monday to Friday
08:05 am to 02:15 pm
Classes: VI to X Monday to Friday
08:05 am to 02:45 pm
Saturday 08:05 pm to 12:30 pm